Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Larry Stylinson?

Larry Stylinson is the portmanteau (or "ship" name) of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, two members of One Direction. 

Is Larry real?

Only the people involved know for sure. However, there's tons of videos, tweets, and other things that suggest they may be together.

But, Harry dated Taylor Swift (and a bunch of models) and Louis dated Eleanor and now he's having a how can that be?

Most people agree that Haylor was pure promo for both parties involved. Many of the "models" Harry has been linked to are actually friends. Some of them appear to be clever promo for the girl, who usually ends up with a modeling contract. The media just runs wild anytime he's spotted near a girl. As for Louis, Eleanor was thought to be a beard. And that baby? The whole story is super sketchy. The timing is off (i.e., the dates aren't adding up and it seems far too soon for things like multiple sonograms - transvaginal no less - and hearing heartbears. And who tells everyone they're pregnant before the 1st trimester? Louis nor his family nor anyone in 1D including their rep has said a single world about it, which is also super sketchy. Her family is all over social media - so make of that what you will. I expect either a denial at any moment (where they say she was never pregnant, was trying to get money out of him, etc.) or if she actually is pregnant, I'm expecting that it won't be Louis' (they've been quoting her ex Maxx a bit too much to be random). 

What makes you think Larry is real?

For most people, there's not one thing that convinced them, but a combination of factors. Fond looks, jealousy/possessiveness, boners, their own words, the words of their friends/family, the continuous attempt by the media/their team to convince people it isn't real (none of the other "ships" are treated this way) (this recent article is pretty neutral, but why is a women's magazine, Cosmopolitan, writing about a "ship" in the first place), and a bunch of other stuff and even more stuff and even more.

So, if Larry is real, why don't they just come out?

While coming out is a very individual process, when you are part of a multi-million dollar brand, there are many factors that may prevent someone from coming out, even if they want to. There may be appearance or other type clauses that force the performer to abide by certain restrictions. And, when a band is marketed to young teen girls for so long, they may be afraid of losing that base if one or both were to come out.