More Pics from the Larry Hand Hold

More pics from the meet and greet where Larry held hands were released so here's a front view! 

In other news, yslboner has to be Larrie of the Week for the second week in a row because they continue to unleash these pics and they look like Larrie's love child. 

Don't even try to tell me this isn't what Larry is going to look like when their daughter gets some big award or is voted Homecoming Queen or makes it through the first round of X Factor Season 976 - Harry so happy he can barely contain it and Louis so fond and proud his eyes get all crinkly.

Larry Holds Hands at Meet and Greet & Sofia Becomes Larrie of the Week



Last night, Sofia (yslboner) was part of a meet and greet with 1D through Make a Wish. As part of that, you can specify how you want your picture with them. She had them line up with Niall and Liam on one side and Harry and Louis on the other and then asked that they all hold hands and hold them up. And the result is what you see in the gif above. Louis is all - ya got me you naughty little minx and then fond, fond, fond. Harry is like ok let's do this then squee! You can read about it here, here, and here. And thus, yslboner became queen of the Larries.

I love the matching smug faces on yslboner and Louis. A funny breakdown of it is here. A pic recap of it is here. And a ton of funny memes like this one were created.

Larry Touches at Meet and Greet! Are Pigs Flying?

 from  here

from here

Louis and Harry actually touched at a meet and greet and it wasn't those sneaky fingertip touches like last tour! 

Nice awkward big spoon, Harry. We know you're really the little spoon. It's okay. And here's one where Louis is the tall one and Harry is the shawty. 


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Best Larry Moments: Drag Me Down Video

The video for Drag Me Down came out and it's out of this world (to borrow the joke literally every article about the video is using)! But, there's some pretty great Larry moments as well.

Smol Louis suddenly appears from behind Harry (x)

Larry gets prepped together while ensuring the protective gear has a good seal before grabbing their helmets and entering a large phallus shaped shuttle. (x)

Harry with a rainbow mug sipping the tea. Oh, rainbows featuring prominently in their music video...not that that's any of my business...(x)

I see you, Harry. Trying to get some jealous!Louis (because Harrbot chemistry is out of this world) so you can have wild angry space sex. (x)

Larry locked and loaded - "next to you"

Another Classic: Sneaky Fingers

1D was casually being interviewed when Harry decides he just has to touch  (caress?) Louis' arm. Bonus points to Zayn for being an enabler/finger blocker (fail!). Kaname Kuran on YouTube summed it up best in comments:

  • 3:37 Harry is restless and tapping
  • 3:41 Louis notices and side-eyes camera (cue quick smile)
  • 3:46 Louis plays “crack the knuckles” so he can move his arm closer
  • 3:57 It doesn’t work out, Louis glances at camera again 'god damn it'
  • 3:58 Louis runs out of fucks to give and opts for his entire arm onto the arm rest to get closer to Harry’s hand in the most excruciatingly slow and awkward bodily movement ever known in the history of man
  • 4:00 Zayn attempts to block camera view
  • 4:02 It doesn’t work we can see the end of Harry stroking Louis' arm
  • 4:03 Zayn forcibly knocks Louis’ arm down, taking his upper arm away from Harry’s hand because YOU'RE GOING TO GET US INTO TROUBLE.

A Classic Larry Video - "i'm gonna make you mine.. no matter what it takes"

@wirwen made this video (called larry stylinson | "you're on a whole new level of charmer") in 2012 and it was tweeted to Anne and Jay (Harry and Louis' moms). They tweeted back (X, X):

To this day, the song Save My Heart by Jason Reeves reminds me of Larry because of this video! 

(from this post on tumblr)

Larrie of the Week: The Certified US Passport Acceptance Agent Larrie

Larries are used to researching, analyzing, debunking, and basically using their real-life experiences to deal with the PR stunts, tweets, incorrect articles, and drama that gets thrown our way on a day-to-day basis. We've had everything from Larries in the PR field describing how PR stunts work to Media Larries talking about how the news and gossip sites operate to a Dentist Larrie that mapped out the bite mark on Harry's neck to prove it was made by Louis' distinctive teeth. 

But our Larrie of the Week award goes to elyssaallen, a certified US Passport Acceptance Agent who debunked the pictures of Bojangles Jingleberry at the Passport Office, not only identifying the form in her hand, but explaining why being seen with that form made absolutely no sense. The Passport Larrie also poked all sorts of holes in the timeline due to the processing time required, thus proving it was just a pap opportunity meant to make it look like Bananarama Junglenorm would be traveling out of the country right before Louis' Cinderella Ball (held in *cough*the uk*cough), never mind that she just got back from the Bahamas and probably already has a passport (and would be way too late to get an actual passport if she'd been using a passport card for travel to the Bahamas). The pics did spawn a bunch of articles about her traveling to Doncaster (where Louis is from although he doesn't live there now) and were an excuse to show off what looks to be a Chipotle food baby.

The Mirror removed the pics of BJ at the passport office from their article about it (gee, I wonder why!), but you can see them (and the heavy-handed Photoshop erase tool that made part of her hip disappear as well as the form our Passport Larrie debunked) at this site.

Babymamadrama was a no show at the ball so the pap pics were much ado over nothing for the moment, but it's nice to have a Passport Acceptance Agent Larrie among our ranks. We salute you! 

Birds Don't Even Have Eyebrows T-Shirts!

Our latest LarryWear is the Birds Don't Even Have Eyebrows t-shirt - the inspiration for our twitter handle @birdsdont. The saying came about because people noticed Harry's swallow tattoos have eyebrows - one is distinctly curved like Louis' eyebrows, while the other is straight and long like Harry's eyebrows.

That Time Louis Whispered into Harry's Mouth

I know human anatomy can be confusing. We've got all these parts and appendages and who knows what they all are there for. Like do we really need a spleen? And randomly, my friend has 4 kidneys - maybe that's where Liam's kidney missing kidney went for awhile! Anyway, this one time, during a concert, Louis decided to whisper something to Harry, but he got lost along the way and whispered into his mouth instead. Oops.

"That's Harry, you fool" - The Video That Became a Gif That Became a Pic That Became a Legend

Long ago, in a tumblr far away, a screencap of this video/gif got posted by an Elounor shipper who mistakenly thought it was Louis and Eleanor and was going on about how sexy it was. 

"That's Harry, you fool" became the battle cry and the Larries swooped in to set the original poster straight so to speak. The entire thread is gold.

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Top Larry Moments: Mario Kart Interview

When Sugarscape asked when Louis and Harry play Mario Kart, who's in front and who's behind, we all learned more about Larry's sex life than we could imagine. The interviewer later admitted on twitter she was asking about "bumming" (aka anal sex).

And years later, the "who tops, who bottoms" rages on, even though they pretty much said they're versatile.