Tumblr names One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson most reblogged ship of the year

Go Larry Stylinson! Tumblr has named One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (aka Larry Stylinson) the most reblogged ship of the year. They beat out YouTubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester and Supernatural characters Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins).

Royal Couple Realness

 Source:  1dlarryluv

Source: 1dlarryluv

Looks at these royal ass motherfuckers with their good champagne and private planes.

Speaking of planes, during The Jonathan Ross Show taping, Louis confirmed he was a member of the mile high club. Harry hesitated in answering, saw Louis' answer, and threw the answer paddle over his head. #milehighclubconfirmed


Back to this gif though...they were asked what they do in hotels and Louis answered FIFA. "We do a lot of FIFA." As someone on tumblr noted: F*cking In Fancy Airplanes = FIFA


 Source:  whattarush

Source: whattarush

The London Sessions Butt Slap Rumor

 Source:  andyouknowitis

1D filmed the London Sessions this weekend and twitter and tumblr were lit up with rumors from the taping that said Louis slapped Harry's butt because something happened with Harry's mic and he bent over to fix it and it was right in Louis' face. Let the butt slapping begin. But, seriously...how much do you wanna bet we'll probably never see this footage LOL. 

Harry Runs with Rainbow Flag Down Catwalk After Attitude Magazine Article

After Attitude magazine published an interview with Liam that made Rainbow Direction out to be a "Larry" thing (which it's not) and minimized the importance of the rainbows brought to concerts, Harry grabbed a rainbow flag and ran down the catwalk with it. 

We also go a Larry side-by-side during the group hug for Niall's birthday:

Harry also made a speech about how One Direction celebrates love and love is love.

There were also reports that during a meet and greet Louis said "You can't just assume things" after Harry mistakenly thought a girl was straight and asked if a guy was her boyfriend (but she was actually a lesbian).

"Find Someone who is Supportive"

Last night, Harry draped himself in a rainbow flag and danced around with it and Louis brought out the fond. He also got super fond when Harry told a rambling story that went nowhere and confused himself.